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BoschVehicle Diagnostics

South West In Car Tech offer a comprehensive diagnostic service, available for almost all makes of vehicle, we provide electronic computer aided diagnosis and auto electrical fault diagnosis - a complete service ensuring accurate and fast efficient service.

Pheaton diagramMost vehicles since early '90s incorporate engine diagnostic facilities via a generic OBD protocol, from this point on manufacturers developed their own more in depth diagnosis software - this new generation of on-board computing stretched far beyond engine control - braking and stability, instrumentation, and body control systems all progressed.

The comprehensive diagnostic and fault finding service offers not only a fault identification but where possible we fix the fault too. If a wiring fault or broken component is located we will endevour to replace or repair - as quickly and economically as possible.

Our experienced engineers use the latest equipment equivalent to that of the manufacture, Bosch trained and drawing on experience within auto electrical, electronic and mechanical fields enables us to offer the most comprehensive diagnostic service.

Driving simulations using our MAHA dyno enable complex and intermittent faults to be investigated safely and quickly.


Provided onsite at workshop using the best diagnostic tools, techniques and no ambiguous explanations - just clear meaningful results.

Whenever possible faults are investigated to component level - proving the fault to be with a specific item - thus avoiding you or your mechanic needing to investigate further or make assumptions. As the customer you will receive comprehensive details of any issues/faults, along with concise explanation and advice.

Competitively priced, you may be surprised, So please contact us to discuss your requirements, and above all - see if we can help.




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