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What guarantees does SWICT give?

Our warranty offers a complete peace of mind product. We are that confident in our software and your satisfaction that we can offer you the following guarantee package:

-  A supplementary insurance backed mechanical breakdown warranty
-  A 14 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied*
-  A lifetime guarantee for your SWICT software.

* Your statutory rights are not affected. 

Mechanical Breakdown:

Being the sudden and unforeseen failure of a component of the Motor Vehicle directly attributable to the operating of the SWICT product, the subject of this Warranty, which has caused the Motor Vehicle to stop working and therefore requiring repair or replacement before normal operation can be resumed.

Period: The Lesser of:

a) 12 months from the date of installation of the SWICT product to the Motor Vehicle; or
b) 30,000 miles as measured on the Motor Vehicle odometer from the date of installation of the SWICT product; or
c) the period remaining on the original warranty provided by the Manufacturer of the Motor Vehicle at the time of purchase from new; whichever is the shortest.

Conditions and Limits:

You should be aware that failure by you, the Customer, to observe the Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures will invalidate any claim made. No sum in respect of economic or consequential loss is payable. Use excludes competitions, track days, pacemaking or rallying, and claims are subject to a limit of £10,000.00 in the aggregate in respect of any one vehicle. Normal deterioration or claims as a result of wear and tear are not covered. SWICT cannot be held responsible for modifications to the vehicle which lead to defects.




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