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Terms and Conditions -

South West In Car Tech Limited herein 'SWICT' operates the following terms and conditions with reference to all modifications and hardware installations. Your statutory rights as a consumer remain unaffected.

Parts and services remain the property on SWICT until paid for in full. SWICT reserve the right to retract services, reverse installations and remove items installed on failure of payment.

In the instance of new or used parts installation no responsibility or warranty implied, inferred directly or assumed will be honored on parts supplied by the client or third party. New parts supplied and fitted by SWICT carry their respective manufacturers warranty. Installation and commissioning of new parts will be carried out according to manufacturers specifications.

SWICT reserve the right to refuse/retract service at their discretion.

Performance Tuning

Increasing the levels of power output of any engine invariably results in the unit exerting more force under higher loads. Modern vehicles operate a modular engine range where a standard hardware is released at multiple outputs levels, this results in most tuned applications operating within manufacturers tolerances.

Every effort is made during the process to detect any issues, however tuning an engine for performance has a tendency to highlight any weakness. An additional load coupled with underlying reliability issues may result in component failure. As such SWICT accept no responsibility for component failure and associated issues.

Software Liability

SWICT provide lifetime warranty on software and workmanship. Warranty work can only be carried out at our site at a time and schedule to our convenience.

Mechanical Liability

Tuning for performance, economy or performance testing naturally involves exerting additional load and stress. SWICT accept no obligation for mechanical failure.

Turbo, clutch and drivetrain service life is affected mainly by service condition, treatment at the hands of the operator, external mechanical and chemical influence. The resultant pressure and load increases effected by SWICT are always within OEM tolerances and under control regimes prescribed therein. To that end and without exception SWICT accept no liability for failure.

Vehicles are inspected and tested prior to performance testing/tuning, however given the nature of a 'used' vehicle and with the option of a full strip down inspection being prohibitively expensive a reasonable effort is made to ensure the vehicle is worthy of tuning or testing.




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