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Here at SWICT, we use the very latest in engine tuning technology to develop our custom remaps, allowing us to deliver superb improvements in power and torque, focusing on economy, performance or a blend of the two. With custom software SWICT can customise your remap to your exact requirements allowing a true bespoke service for every vehicle - factors such as power and torque level plus accelerator and power delivery characteristics can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Track days, Fast road, Towing, Off road & 4x4
  • Improved drivability for everyday use
  • Increased fuel economy for commercial vehicles

Select your car from the menu to see what SWICT can offer for your vehicle.

As well as our custom remaps, drawing on our extensive experience SWICT offer specialist diagnostics and fault finding using the latest diagnostic equipment and analyser's - allowing fast accurate diagnosis and rectification.

Please browse through the site, but remember we can also provide bespoke services to satisfy what ever requirements you may have.

SWICT constantly develop and test, the objective is quite simply to improve performance, drivability and economy extracting the best results without jeopardising reliability or longevity. We hold the key to unlock your vehicles true potential.

Our custom remaps are developed according to your requirements and performance tested using our MAHA LPS3000 chassis dyno - proven performance and results.

Latest Hardware

ECU chip

Using the latest technology we are able to remap the latest generations of vehicles - the MED/EDC-17, Diesel particulate filter and petrol direct injection TriCore ECU equipped vehicles require the latest technology and knowledge.

Our equipment supports these locked processors, tried and tested on the entire range.

Celtic Tuning

We also have the experience and equipment to remap older vehicles that require delicate work on the ECU itself - often called 'chipping'. Our development engineers work directly on your vehicle allowing for a fast precise service and perfect results. With an extremely diverse customer base ranging from private car owners through truck fleets and marine applications – experience that we bring to every vehicle we work on.

The changes we make to the engine control unit are completely reversible so can be returned to standard at any time. Naturally there is a charge for this service as we may have to come to you, usually £50.

Please browse through the menu and select your vehicle to see what SWICT can offer.






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