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Remap, Chip, Flash???

The software required for the operation of the modern engine is held on what is commonly referred to as the ‘chip’. A chip is simply an electronic storage device mounted to the circuit board inside the ECU; it contains values in a binary format which the ECU processor uses to control the operation of the engine. The terms ‘chip’, ‘chipping’ or ‘chip tuning’ are often used and stem from the need to remove/replace the microchip on some ECU’s to allow programming.

The information held within the chip is stored at individual locations known as ‘addresses’, when we chip/remap the ECU, what we are doing is altering the values at these groups of addresses that control fueling, ignition timing and on turbo engines, turbo boost. It is these groups of addresses for these controls that are can be expressed three dimensionally as ‘maps’ hence the common expression ‘re-mapping’. It is these maps held within the chip that we change in order to tune the engine.

Naturally this is a very complex procedure which requires ultimate understanding of the operation of an engine and more so the complex electronic controllers.

With tighter emission regulations set year on year the hardware companies are making ECU’s ever more complex to provide finite control over the engine. This has led to a lot of companies not getting involved with the latest more advanced engine controllers.

We however, have kept ahead of technology with continual R&D, and with our own continual development are able to provide all tuning services in house meaning we are not reliant on third party sources, we carry out works for both private customers and dealerships alike.

Seat Leon on dyno

How is it done?

Depending on the make, model and age of the vehicle we have a variety of ways in which we ‘chip/remap’ cars. Firstly we read the contents of the original chip so that we have the original data (maps) which control the operation of your engine – this is saved along with vehicle and customer information so we always have your standard software.

Using our development environment we modify various aspects of the software, building a specific modified file for your car, incorporating the requirements and mode of use aspects.

Once the software changes are complete we re-flash the new software into your engine management system. The ECU has then been remapped/chipped.

Dyno testing of the vehicle confirms power output and characteristics, all wheel drive vehicles are road tested, and checked with diagnostic and gas analyser's.

Live mapping?

Competitor tuners push the term 'live mapping' heavily. This is purely marketing jargon.

Factory ECU's require the memory sectors to be flashed entirely, changes whilst the vehicle is running, on a dyno or the road are not possible. Some generic software supports adjustment but it is far from ideal.

The dyno or rolling road is used to measure the results and log values, refinements should then be made to the software and re-tested to confirm desired results.


All of our software is based on dyno developments which are also carried out in-house, we never provide generic software which is untested, our software is always of the highest standard.

Developed in house using MAHA dynamometer, AAS analyser, data emulators and multiple development environments - using the latest technology ensures we can provide the best service possible. Extensive vehicle testing both on rolling road and long term evaluation allow us to accurately quote power, torque and economy figures – longer term testing ensures reliable, safe and consistent results.

In such a fast moving industry as the automotive market, we recognise the demand for continuous research and development. Ongoing investment ensures we remain at the forefront of the tuning market.



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