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MAHA LPS3000 rolling road at SWICT

The MAHA LPS 3000 2 Wheel Drive Dynamometer is arguably the best, most accurate automotive performance tester available. It is the choice for many automobile manufactures for development and final testing at the factory, providing repeatable accurate results. Usually within 1%!!


  • Measuring true crankshaft horsepower and torque, No more random power train loss guessing. This dyno measures drivetrain loss during each run cycle.
  • Provides SAE Corrected Horsepower and Torque depending on atmospheric data.
  • Small roller size aids in very accurate power measurements but not so small too be unstable.
  • The Eddy Current brake can measure power up to 850 hp.
  • Direct data acquisition from the OBDII port. RPM, Air/Fuel, Boost, Ignition Timing can be logged and plotted.
  • Special setting for Naturally Aspirated, Turbo and Supercharged cars and trucks.
  • High pressure 10,000 cfm cooling fans for accurate thermal control

Our dyno is available for rolling road days, privateers and corporate use. please use the contact form or call for more info.

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