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Tuning Packages

Exhaust, air filter and software

Enhancment packages tailored to specific models, realising greater potential than modifying with software alone.

The package includes -

  • Custom stainless exhaust
  • ITG upgrade filter
  • Custom software remap

Packages currently available for -

VW Golf MK4 & 5 GTi and R32. Alfa 3.2 V6. More models to follow soon.

Diesel particulate filter

Modern diesel vehicles feature a filter system to trap soot particles, the filters have a finite life, this can be shortened by driving style, faults with the engine management, or time/distance. Blockage fo the filter leads to reduced performance, increased fuel consumption and poor driveability.

SWICT offer the solution -

Removal of the DPF unit and replacement with a bypass pipe. Maintaining factory sensors and mounts and constructed from 316 stainless steel. Modified performance software to cancel the DPF regeneration procedure, enhance performance and ensure clean emmisions.

Once the filter is removed the vehicle is dyno tested to ensure good air fuel ratios, clean emmisions and measure performance enhancment. Available for EDC15, EDC16, EDC17, Siemens SID, PPD and multijet ecu's. Alfa/Fiat, BMW, Saab, Volvo, Vauxhall, VAG.

Please contact us for price and availability.

FAP / anti pollution warning removal

Swict can remove the Peugeot FAP anti pollution warning causing 'limp mode' in early HDI peugeot applications. The faulty/empty additive system can remain fitted to the vehicle.

Please contact us for cost.





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