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VAG Doctor - Fault finding and repair on Volkswagen based vehicles

The VAG Doctor service offers specialised electronic diagnostics to owners of Volkswagen group vehicles – VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda. Modern VW group vehicles incorporate a great deal of electronic controls, ranging from ABS, Traction control, Airbag/safety restraint systems and of course engine management systems.

Problems may develop with these electronic systems for a number of reasons – usually displaying a light or message on the drivers display.  However some faults do not cause such warning lights – but a reduction in performance or smoothness is observed.

VAG Doctor can assist.  Using the 'dealer level' tools we will test your vehicles systems to quickly find any faults & if possible rectify the fault. 

 · VAG Doctor will provide you with details of the faults identified.

 · Our engineer will advise you of possible ways of fixing the fault(s)*

 · VAG Doctor uses the VW factory repair and testing databases,

 · Friendly professional service using the latest technology and experienced engineers.

Most faults are found with the specialist diagnostic equipment that we use.  Our aim is then to rectify the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

VAG Doctor operates as a standard charge for call out and the first 30 minutes of testing,  almost all faults are found within that time, if further investigation is necessary the engineer will discuss this with you, keeping you informed every step of the process.

* Some faults may relate to larger mechanical problems that are beyond to abilities of our field engineers.  No problem - we have local partners able to assist with the mechanical repairs. If possible our engineer will source the new part(s) and fit them for you at an extra cost.

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Do I need VAG Doctor?

Most modern cars will display some form of warning light for major problems with the engine and associated systems, other faults may occur that do not cause a light to be shown, the car may feel under-powered.  If a light is displayed the owners handbook will give limited advice and insight.  If critical it might tell you to stop immediately.  If your car does display a warning light or you have another electrical/electronic fault, feel free to call us for some advice its likely we can help.

Can’t the main dealer do this for me?

The main dealer can investigate faults in the same way we can. However our cost effective approach and ability to simulate road conditions in our workshop enable faster more accurate diagnosis. Also consider the repair technique of the main agent usually involves replacement of 'supsected items' at your expence.

Will VAG Doctor affect my warranty in any way?

Not at all.  The dealer will not be able to detect that we have looked at your vehicle. 3rd warrnaty repairs can be carried out by ourselves as an authorised repairer of these vehicles.

Can VAG Doctor investigate a car that I am thinking of buying?

Yes, we can perform diagnostic tests on a car you are thinking of buying to give added peace of mind to your purchase.

What Type of faults can VAG Doctor help me with?

Most electrical and electronic problems, running issues, and some mechanical issues too.  Call us for advice.



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